By Terrifo

Not For The Squeamish!

Yesterday's extra was of all of what remained of a sparrowhawk visit. Well today it was back and thoroughly enjoying its breakfast. Talk about panic from me as I went and grabbed my camera with the longer lens and then carefully attempted to lift the net and place the lens on to the glass of my bedroom window, no time for tripod and all that. So my apologies for the noise on the image. 

And blow me down if it didn't come back this afternoon complete with a new catch! But was nearer the wall, and as by this time I had set up a mini hide where it was this morning I had no chance of moving it. Just as I got comfy on me  knees a neighbour drove out of their drive and it took off complete with its afternoon prize.!

I did pop into town early this morning before Storm Dennis arrived. It started to rain and the wind began to pick up a bit by 10.30 and has not stopped since :-(

So the I have spent the rest of the day with the Fuji X-T3 Owners Manual, reminding my poor brain, of what and how it does what it does, and hopefully some more will sync in!

Hope all is well with you all, especially those here in the UK and Ireland who are having to deal with Storm Dennis - please take care and stay safe :-)

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