Cabin fever

We're in the throes of storm Dennis the whole day, it's grey, very windy with sudden gusts that make you worry about the trees and the house. So very unnerving. So I'm stuck inside and I took this shot in the kitchen when there was a little more light outside. What you see is the partly distorted reflection of part of the garden and neighbours' roof in the wind, with the magnolia tree full with rather yellow-green buds playing a big role. It's reflected in a wall hanging of a fruity still life shot I made years ago which is hanging on the kitchen wall. I've cropped the shot to get rid of the dark lines of the pane dividers and more kitchen details, but apart from that and tweaking light levels there's no heavy editing.

Thanks so much for all the great entries for last week's Abstract Thursday challenge with the optional theme of ICM. There are so many great entries that it was extremely difficult to seek out just 5 specials. This coming Thursday the optional theme will be 'mysterious' (make an abstract shot that is not immediately recognisable, make the viewers wonder what they are seeing). The tag will be AT243.

The list of last week's specials:
meinz                for a moving landscape
PaiviPuu           for an excellent first try at ICM
gordo                for a very steady handed circled grille
youoregon1      for the essence of an abstract
incredibish        for a great European zoomburst
Thanks again to all Blippers who entered for such a wonderful collection of abstracts !

And thank you very much for the kind comments and stars for my two cheerful duck brushes :-)

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