Lost in Thought

By steveng

A DIY day

With the weather not looking good for going out anywhere, we decided to make some progress with our stair hand rail.  Last week, we bought a piece of American White Oak to fix to the wall and spent most of this morning in a measure twice, cut once session just to be sure we didn't do anything daft. Lots of measuring and marking later, the wood is cut to size and all of the mounting holes drilled through it.  Tomorrow will be the sanding smooth, and mark the holes in the wall session before it gets varnished.  I'll also need to cut some plugs from the extra pieces to cover the screw holes. 

Only after cutting it this afternoon did I realise I hadn't seen any sort of certified or sustainable timber marking ... fortunately white oak is shown as secure by the USA's nature conservancy.

Hope everyone else had a productive day and, in the UK, not been affected by storm Dennis.  

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