By TheOttawacker

The UNO Wars

A visit to Sundridge means several things for Ottawacker Jr. 

1) A five-hour car drive (if Mrs O is at the wheel).
2) The chance to ride a tricycle over a well-established course in every room of Poppy's house.
3) A cheesecake or some other dessert (which is is forbidden from having at home).
4) A chance to wander around the back lot and see Vagn's tractors, tree-cutting implements, and woodpiles.
and 5) A chance to renew hostilities with his grandfather, who never hesitates to hand out a good beating... at UNO.

Of late, however, the tables are turning. Having discovered that his grandfather had hidden the majority of the "bad cards" so as not to discourage his grandson too much (if only Ottawacker Jr's parents had any scruples of this type), the youngster ferreted them out and proceeded to give his grandfather a lesson in graceless victory.

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