Mono .................

 .................Monday317   (MM317)  -  optional challenge of "Looking Up".
Thank you to our host 60plus.

Here I was "looking up" the meaning of monochrome in a lovely dictionary that my Mum bought around 1956 - it's called "Words - the new illustrated dictionary" and if ever I asked what a word meant or how it was spelled (spelt? - according to the book either is okay) I was asked to go and get the book and look it up.   A sixty four year old book and it's like an old friend.
The illustrations are wonderful too.

~ Anni ~

A three day "mission" beckons starting at 07.30 tomorrow - and I shall probably be home around 20.30 on Thursday.  
Driving, flying, taxi, hotel, taxi, flying, driving, another hotel, driving, flying, driving and home - yay!!!

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