MM:Looking Up

Before I could give any thought to taking a blip, malocchio struck again. I wish I knew who threw those evil eyes my way but I think it’s time to break out the garlic.

What you are looking at (if you weren’t sure) is me ‘looking up’ at my newly fractured right pinky finger. How might this have happened?  
A fall?
Car door?
Caught and twisted (in anything)?
Reaching for a notebook on the top shelf of Walgreens and having stuff I couldn’t see on top of the notebook fall on me?
Unbelievably, yes.

It should be a relatively short setback because it is a thin fracture. The doctor told me it was a common sports injury, a jam to the tip of the finger. That kinda made me feel better because it reminded me of my college volleyball days when I frequently made visits to the trainer to get taped. To the best of my recollection, though, I never suffered a fracture (but I don’t recall any X-rays, either).

C’est la ma vie!

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