By Bella888

Zebra Finch?

(NB Thanks so much everyone for yesterday’s hearts and stars).

Passed the Lower Gardens Aviary today.

The mainly TINY birds are all rescues that would not survive in the wild. Wonderfully cared for, in all weathers, thanks to the volunteers.

Difficult getting a decent image through the cage, the one featured is the best of a bad bunch. Googled and think they are zebra finches???

My favourite 2 parrots seem to have a new cage-mate. Hope he/she settles in well. As always I chatted to the parrots (as an ‘act of kindness’ - is that a bit far fetched for today’s challenge!!!???). And was surprised that in addition to the occasional ‘hello’, Joey had acquired a new weird miaowing call.


My broken air-fryer was refunded (41 days after purchasing! without question (thanks Argos). I researched and spoke to a friend who is happy with hers (it has a ‘paddle’ so no need to shake the food). So traded up. Sadly larger than the other, and more expensive - but not £££££ as those are larger still.

Off to retrieve the aubergine from the oven to make Baba Ganoush. Then will read the instructions and set up the new air-fryer.

Thanks to ‘mindful_life’ for this week’s Tiny Tuesday challenge “Kindness - this week there is a national random acts of kindness day, so I challenge you to commit one act of kindness that you can perhaps include in this challenge. It doesn't have to be grand, it can be something very small. Use you imagination”.

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