An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Pleasant valley Sunday...


After blowing a hoolie all night with heavy rain, this morning dawned with blue sky, no rain, but still very windy.  

David and Ele braved the moor with Lola and all three returned looking windswept and muddy interesting.

We headed to the golf club for lunch then Ele and Kenny headed home and we returned home, David to continue the clear out of the study and me to work on a piece of art I want to make for my friend M, whose son committed suicide almost a year ago.  

I want to create something inspired by him but whenever I sit down to plan what I want to do, my mind either goes blank or I get upset and have to leave it.  

Unfortunately things didn't quite go according to plan.

When we got home we both commented that we felt very tired and a bit sluggish.  In the end we both nodded off (David had a very comfy pillow :-)) and woke up almost two hours later, both feeling cold and rather queasy.  

As the afternoon and evening wore on we both felt increasingly dodgy in the tummy department and wondered if it was something we'd eaten.  Then we remembered that Alan's PA Jordan had gone home on Friday with similar symptoms and decided it was a bug.

Thank heavens for separate loos!  

PS Completely forgot it was my blipversary!  What a way to celebrate!  hahahahahaha! 

My real anniversary is in April and I usually celebrate it then, but thank you for all the lovely messages :D 

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