An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Off colour...

Woke up feeling brighter but still lethargic.  no appetite but late morning decided to try some toast.  All went well thank you Imodium :-)) and felt a little better once I'd had that.  

David was feeling much better and well enough to go on a Land Rover Experience (much off roading nonsense in a Range Rover worth £130k!)  with Kenny and Andrew.  He's been looking forward to it for ages so I was glad he felt well enough to go.

Alan and Vickie headed off out to the cinema so just me and Lola at home.  

Had another go at creating something for my friend M, who's facing the first anniversary of her eldest son's suicide this weekend.  Finally managed to get something down on paper.  It's not my best, not perfect in any way (I was in tears almost all of the time I was painting it, which added to the difficulty) but it was done with love and I know she will appreciate it.

David returned full of the joys from his off-roading experience and talked me into having some scrambled egg on toast.  I didn't feel hungry be agreed to have some and I'm glad I did, as I did enjoy it and there have been no adverse effects.  I think I am on the mend!  :-))

Ele brought me a lovely bunch of tulips at the weekend and I've been looking forward to photographing them in my new light studio, but today it was just a quick snap on my iPhone and some faffing in Snapseed.

Oh well, tomorrow's another day :-))

In other news...I have back blipped

The new loo (at last!!!) and bedroom :-)))

My 9th blip day, which completely passed me by!!!

Lola & Carole

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