Life in Newburgh on Ythan

By Talpa

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The sand dunes to the south of Newburgh on Ythan were once designated as a Site of Special Interest, the Nation's very best wildlife and geological sites. A major part of the scientific interest is that the dunes are highly mobile with the sand gradually moving northwards along the coast. A large area of the dunes was purchased by Donald Trump and, with the help of the Scottish Parliament under Alex Salmond's leadership, they turned it into a golf course. back in 2013 The Donald attempted to prevent the sand blowing onto his verdant greens by erecting sand fences and by planting marram grass. 

As you can see from today's offering Nature laughs at the feeble efforts of man, even a man as great as The Donald, and the fences are now collapsed and largely buried under the sand.

Nevertheless, Trump's golf course has effectively trashed the scientific interest of the area and Scottish Natural Heritage will have now declassified the SSSI.

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