Arnside and beyond

By gladders


There are no streams on the course of our morning walk over Arnside Knott, just a couple of temporary springs that emerge from the limestone after heavy rain.  Over the years Gus has located all of the trees where water collects in rot holes, or as here between the poles of a coppice tree.  This is his favourite water hole, which he heads for every morning for his chlorine free drink on the descent route.

This will be well topped up after today's rain. The best part of the day was at dawn, and by the time we reached the top of the Knott at 0745, the cloud was already thickening. Soon after the rain started as forecast, and it's continued ever since.

We were lucky to get the work done on the roof of our dormer two weeks ago in just about the only dry weather window of a few days that we have had this year. I still have to get up to finish the painting though, so we shall be keeping our scaffolding balcony for a while yet.

ps I had missed that it is Joe Tree day today, but since this is a tree stool that Gus is drinking from, it will do as a thank you to the man who created this brilliant oasis on the web.

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