Having got rid of a single mattress that has lived under the day bed for the last 12+ years and not been used, I determined to make better use of the space and have a proper sort out in the little bedroom this half term. So, I headed to the blue and yellow Scandinavian store this morning with the opening of one in Sheffield making it less of a chore to get there. I knew what I needed but had a wander and came home with under-bed storage boxes and a new duvet cover plus a couple of other bits but not a big spend on unnecessary plastic items. I didn't even buy any tea lights I took the chance to go into Meadowhall as well but was not tempted by anything more. 

Home in the rain so Bailey made do with a trip out into the garden rather than a walk. He came to inspect the adding of the new things but has not tried out the new bedding quite yet. 

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