House of flowers!

The family have been today from Bristol. 
Son and wife and four children.
8yrs, 7 yrs, almost 4yrs,  and 11 months. 
Grandad Stephen had lots of cuddles,. He went back to bed for the afternoon, then came down for tea.
The children went to see him from time to time sitting on the bed.    
Just before tea, we had our birthday presents to open from them. 
The reason being  I had my birthday going to hospital with Stephen, and his birthday 4 days later, when  we had Facetime with them from his hospital bed. 
We should have been going to see them that weekend as our granddaughter's birthday was two weeks earlier. 
After opening our presents, always  a sense of occasion, we then sang Happy Birthday to Libby and gave her her belated present. 
   The beautiful arrangement of flowers  in the photo  arrived this morning from some of Stephen's contacts in London.
I am now in my jimjams once again, the family having left at 6.30 pm with the kids already in their nightclothes and dressing gowns ready to go to bed when they arrived home after the hour and forty minute journey. 
It's quiet..........and they've just let me know they are home. 




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