Dancing tulips.

A full on day.
Helping Stephen with various procedures he now has to go through each day.
Still exhausted but he’s catching up on sleep.
Preparing for a visit from the family tomorrow from Bristol being half term.
The grandchildren are ticking off the days on a chart till they are here.
It will be have to be a “managed” day. So grandad can have his rest.
Reminds me of the song they sing in Pre-school and Nursery.
“Five little monkeys jumping on the bed.......”
The last line being:
“No more monkeys jumping on the bed!”
Bonnie, now 11 months, is crawling everywhere so things need to be moved from the hearth!
Meanwhile a very tasty sausage casserole was delivered to us from the Vineyard Church community group for our neighbourhood.
Then we also will receive one each day over the weekend.
One of our friends works near Sainsbury’s so brings the shopping when I send a list.
He calls it “Sainsbury’s to you” !
We have been really blessed by all their care and support.
Stephen went to bed after tea. He’d been up a bit longer today.

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