By spannarama

Life in glorious technicolour (again)

Worked at home this morning - joined a couple of CRM web meetings - then went for my annual eye checkup at Lewisham hospital this afternoon.  They used the pupil-dilating drops on me again, and once again the world was in glorious technicolour when I came out (funny how the weather always cranks up the colours ready for my enhanced trippivision when I come out of these appointments).

Anyway, good news, they think they've checked me over enough times, and I have been discharged.  (I've got a freckly thing behind my eyeball - they wanted to monitor it for a few years to make sure there was no change - and there hasn't been.)

Popped into a couple of shops on my way back through Lewisham, then, after a bit of a wait for the train, had a trippy walk home from the station, with all the streetlights looking like I'd done a long exposure at f22.

Not feeling great again today - bit fluey-limbed, so looking forward to a good soak in the bath before bed :)

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