Arnside and beyond

By gladders


Another day of horrible weather: rain, wind, poor light, a saturated and desaturated landscape. This resident of Arnside is (like my fellow Arnside blipper, Knottman2) quite indomitable. She is out and about whatever the weather, and always taking an interest in everyone and anything she encounters.  Here she is setting off into the wind, past Ashmeadow along the prom and under the huge beech tree. A good example for those of us who are just a bit younger.

We were meant to be heading to East Yorkshire again today, but poor Gus had a tummy upset first thing, and he clearly wasn't up to 3 hours in the back of a car. So, we've postponed the trip.  It was just as well, as later in the morning, as the bread was in the oven baking, Gus had the look of a dog that needs to go out - NOW.  That necesitated a quick dash to the wood and back before the loaves were black. As it happened they were the best ones yet I've baked.  And as I write, this evening Gus seems to be back to normal with a healthy appetite.

I saw my first squashed frog of the new year today, always so sad to see the demise of an animal that has just come out of its winter hibernation. For just a little care and attention, it is possible to see frogs and toads on the road and to avoid them.

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