By iaint


My lucky day!

I broke a corner off one of my molars on Wednesday evening, and this morning I had my visit to the dentist to get the damage assessed. 

She was able to fix it quickly, cheaply and almost pain free!

Junior stopped by for a shower, so whilst the visit was brief, and I could make mention of the excellent hotel facilities I offer, it was good to see him.

He is playing ice hockey in Nottingham on Sunday afternoon, and I would love to go, but it is a long way and not an easy trip. Anyway, they are playing St Andrews in Dundee on Tuesday night so I can go to that. 

The other big positive to the day was booking a hotel for my first 4 nights in Tunisia next month - close to the airport and Tunis. Now I have to figure out what to do with the remaining 5 nights. I have plenty options. 

The day's underlying negative was the ongoing dreadful weather. Wind Rain. Sunday might be better. Might be. 

The Blip is just proof that all is not fancy cuisine in this house. Cheese (and dill pickle) toasties are sometimes good enough. Polish bread (baked in Glasgow), Romanian pickles, Welsh butter and Scottish cheese. The usual routine. 

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