...with pink

for flowerfriday

i was at a loss - simply because i feel - like i’ve been off my game - so to speak - it doesn’t happen very often - yet i am most certain - all of you can relate - some will call it - ‘not having their mojo’ - others will say ‘i need a day off’ - or perhaps word it like - ‘i really want to take some time off’ - which then means - we’ll never see them again

for me, it’s very rare - not to want a camera - in my hand - even when i’m not feeling well - there have been times - i have ended up in the - hospital and as i’m being dragged - out the door i’m reaching - for my camera bag - so being at a slight loss - feeling a bit off - is rather foreign - and truly something i tend to fight through - instead of giving in to

so i decided to play - with my favorite color pink - fussing more than - i probably should have - therefore i’d ask for some indulgence - and with that in mind - thank anni, aka, bikerbear, for hosting - flowerfriday so we can all call it...


happy day.....

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