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By ajt

Bright spark

After work today we cycled to the coastal dunes to look for toads. Turns out it was too windy and dry, so there weren't many toads about. We spent about 20 minutes in the bitter cold wind in the dark hearing all about the amphibians of Brittany, then about  5 minutes trampling round a pond in the dark looking at frog and toad spawn before we gave up and came home.

Our trip was supposed to help the toads, years ago the council built a road through their breeding territory and so every year hundreds were squashed going to their breeding ponds. Recently the council has started to close the road during the breeding season, but even so volunteers still go to count them and ensure they can all cross the road safely.

Back blip of a Maglite-AAA LED torch. Would have been useful if there had been anything to see.

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