It's a Dog's Life....

I went to watch Mae's soccer lesson this morning. Her other soccer classes finished just before Christmas, so my daughter signed her up for another session, but these are at the middle school in our city, so it's only about a three minute drive for me to go over and watch. Mae didn't know I was coming, and she just shrieked when she saw me, then came running and jumped onto me with a huge hug-- just made my day! After soccer I drove to get some groceries, and as I got out of the car I heard barking,  turned to look, and couldn't stop laughing. I had to grab the phone and take a shot of this huge German Shepherd sitting in the driver's seat of the SUV with his Labrador buddy riding shotgun, looking for all the world as if they'd just driven themselves to the store!  I wonder if they moved to the back when their "person" came out? :)))
Thanks to admirer for hosting SillySaturday & hope you're all having a great weekend. 

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