By dfb24


....using rocks as the main photo--Carolina's theme for todays' MonoMonday.  I almost didn't do it, as winter is a bad time of the year for us to find ANYthing exposed since everything is under a few feet of snow. But then I remembered Mae & I picking up rocks on the beach in November (so we could paint them in the winter).  I went looking for them in the basement and set them out on the floor of the sunporch. The only choices with which to overlay the rocks was snow, ice, snow, ice or snow. There WERE a few plants with snow on top of them that might have worked, but they were way far back in the yard & the snow is so high that I couldn't get near them. So ice it was. I found these icicles hanging off the gutter of our house. I set the camera to 2 exposures, photographed the rocks then went outside for the icicles. It took me a few times to get them in the spot I wanted them in so they'd fit nicely over the rocks. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention! LOL. Thanks to Carolina for coming up with a challenging challenge! :)

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