If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

Art Beads.

Thankfully I followed my usual habit of "getting something into the camera just in case".  We had planned to take D & E out to do exciting things but the weather just wasn't suitable.  We did have a run out to some local shops but that was about all.

So I am falling back (again) on one of my "just in case shots".  The grandkids were playing with their Art Beads so I tried a shot of the beads.  For those not familiar with the system, and I  wasn't, you take the beads and place them on a "board" (well a plastic really) that has little pegs to hold them.  If you like your design you get Mum or Dad to put the special "ironing paper" over it, then using the domestic iron you heat them so they fuse together.  Just enough heat to make them bind not enough for them to stick to the pins!!  Then you have your design permanently fused handy for drinks mats etc.   Sorting the colours they wanted kept them busy for ages  ;-))

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