Bedraggled Cygnet

preening on a windy morning by the canal :)

(more swanography!)

After yet another lousy night's sleep, I got up early and went to the canal before my 8.30am appointment at the hairdressers.  What strong winds today...

Supermarket, followed by home and lunch, then reading and fell asleep!  

Much later I woke, and pleased to say that I've managed to box up the rest of my paperwork (except vital items for the move, change of addresses etc), plus most of my living room is now packed too :)

Poor Charlie :(  She's not enjoying this - she spends most of her time upstairs in her 'bolt hole' my bedroom, where she was when I first got her....  Feliway plugged in, and I think I'll have to get another to relax her a bit more.

Now I'm going to take strong painkillers for my poor thumb (yet again), kick back and relax after my lovely dinner of salmon and the etc's :)

Happy Saturday folks :)

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