in a small shaft of sunlight this afternoon :)

Church this morning (first week in three weeks, thanks to oversleeping and illness); followed by a quick lunch - and then I fell asleep again (not what I wanted to do but much will I cope without sleep tomorrow though??  

After that, I've done some more packing up, and cleared out part of the airing cupboard, some for a charity bag collection on Wednesday and some packed away in a suitcase.  I've only kept out one to use and one to change of everything there!

In the extra, Miss Charlie who has exceeded herself today - not eaten breakfast, poohed outside the litter tray, and later wee'd outside the clean litter tray.  Finally, she's just been a bit sick, and when I went to clear it up, I accidentally trod on her foot.  Poor girl :(:(  I will take her to the vet this week anyway to check about moving with her...but hope she's not really poorly...

Anyway, this afternoon she was happy enough to get in my way when I was trying to take my blip!

Happy Sunday folks :)

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