So, I ran to the One Tree. I was reminded by the blips I have seen, tagged JoeTreeDay2020. The road to 'my' tree crosses the field, followed by a very muddy path when it has rained heavily. And it did.
The muddy path is very wide. Exactly between the Eyser brook and the opposite meadow. Deep traces of schoolchildren who have been looking for a better, dryer spot every day. However, there is no better spot, just a new channel drawn by their bicycle wheels.
I usually avoid this road across the field, so I don't often pass the One Tree.

After I had slipped and sliced towards the tarmac road, I already had the way back in my mind. I am not as diligent when it comes to cleaning shoes.

The sky above the tree was very beautiful. Which was probably due to the backlight of the sun.

I did not run back but chose a different route.

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