By Memories4Me

Ice Harvest at Remick Farm

Dear Diary,

A beautiful day for the annual ice harvest at the Remick Farm in Tamworth, New Hampshire.  Lots of sunshine but a wind made it quite chilly.  There were wonderful activities for the children like trying their hand at ice cutting or ice fishing on the pond.  That is the oxen team of "Hudson" and "Granite" waiting patiently to bring the cut blocks of ice to the ice house.  You can see some blocks already stored and they will be packed tightly in sawdust.  The ice will last through the summer and well into the fall.  My 3rd great grandfather was a ship captain out of Portland, Maine and brought loads of ice to the Caribbean in the early 1800's to trade for molasses, rum and sugar cane.  With the onset of electricity, this practice died out but some still carry on the tradition.  A nice day.

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