Mighty Wieners

That’s the name of the ‘company’. Street food. More precisely VEGAN hotdogs. They pop up in Bournemouth (the blip is taken in Southbourne), and other towns nearby.

Not cheap, but certainly relieves any hunger pangs for my former animal eating favourites. So here is my entry for the Community Challenge ‘People at Work’’. And it will please the growing band of vegans everywhere.

Continuing to follow the disturbing news out of Italy. And nagging Mr B to wash his hands, and for 1 minute. Whether that will be enough is another matter.

Sitting at the club now. Read the sections of the DT that were in the rack. Have a Sunday Mail gratis, courtesy of Waitrose, to peruse later. Streets and shops empty at 3pm. Half term/the rugby presumably.

Returning home soon. Mr B will do a wobbly when he sees how much I’ve shopped. Tough!

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