3rd World

Seeing disadvantaged on the streets is not a pretty sight - even if it’s their choice.

We demonstrate about so many things, but not this. Such a sad reflection on our, and other countries. I doubt anyone chooses this way of life voluntarily, something must’ve triggered it off. They need proper help to get back on track.

The government should take this in hand, now, not later.

My rant for the day. Otherwise tidied the desktop on my MAC, updated an Ocado order, met Mr G for coffee after his tennis (he’s playing 4 days in a row as friends arrive Wednesday).

Now back home. Grey, damp, depressing out.

Posted for Mono Monday with the theme “Looking Down”, as is the sad subject, crumpled over, at the back left, featured in my blip.

NB Late addition to skeena’s February Mono Challenge.

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