Certainly not

I’ll confess, this is yesterday’s. Another of those weeks where I’m mixing up the days. That’s because friends are coming tomorrow for a few days, a day earlier than originally discussed.  So instead on Monday, I posted the mono view taken in the arcade instead. 

So here is yesterday’s blip taken over coffee in Westbourne. Our favourite cafe always has lovely flowers on the tables and counter. It made me think no way was I going to give up coffee for Lent, I’ve given up so many things now that I’m vegan. Enough sacrifices for a few years!

It’s almost 10pm now, I’m far too tired to think of something else to blip.  So as I really like these daffodils in the café, this will have to do. 

Just spent couple of hours setting up two tablets and the TV to watch the Naples Barcelona match, for Mr B.  No I didn’t need to do all three  tonight, But his tablet is Android, which might have taken longer to set up.  It was a doddle in the end.  

He’s now quietly watching the match with earphones on. Been missing his Italian football so probably on cloud 9, but would never admit.

Back to switch off, won’t look at any of your lips tonight as my eyes are aching. Thanks to mindful_life for hosting today’s Tiny Tuesday with the theme “something you would like to give up for a while or perhaps instead something you would like to do more of etc”

NB Went for a blood test today. No antibacterial gel. It was empty last week too.  Suggested one container isn’t enough for a large surgery. Answer: They don’t want more because the alcoholics come and drink it. Don’t know whether to laugh or cry (no I realise it’s hopelessly sad).  
Lucky I was carrying my own home-made antibacterial RECIPE IN EXTRAS (in Italian), or see in English in responses below

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