Spacey Pics

By Stacebob


Another Pokémon Go Community Day. I hadn't realised when I left the house for my Pokémon hunt just how windy it was, until my skirt started threatening to take off! Honestly, if I hadn't been wearing a longish coat, I would probably have Marilyn Monroe-d a load of pedestrians several times! The community day itself was a bit of a bust; I managed to get the 3 shinies I needed but there was no-one taking part in nearby raids and the Pokémon were too much for me to attack on my tod. Ah well, I got a nice Gregg's lunch out of it.

Excellent news today in that my cousin Lauren had her baby! A lovely little squidgy boy named Oliver :)

Today shall be a day of movies and books, methinks; housework can be a Tomorrow Stacey problem.

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