A place in the sun

It felt as if the storm had moved on this morning - the wind had died down, the last hailstorms had moved on and the sun threatened to come out. I decided to spend the afternoon in the garden, though unfortunately my neighbour had his chainsaw out and had another go at removing all traces of plant life from the bank above the road. I thought I would have some peace when I saw him put the chainsaw away, but then he took his blower out and blew away every leaf which had ever fallen around his house and on the drive. After that it was fairly quiet and Mrs M and I lifted the glassless glasshouse into place onto its new base without too much difficulty apart from knocking the down-pipe bend off the gutter, easily replaced. 

So the frame was stabilised by putting back all the bits which had been blown off over the last few years and tightening up the nuts and bolts, several of which sheared. Not to worry - I've ordered some more and will in due course bolt the glasshouse down and think about the next stage!

At this point the sky grew dark and a light shower passed, leaving the deck bathed in gentle sunshine. So I sat outside in the sun, read a book and drank a cuppa in the totally windless air, cats sitting not far away! Wonderful! It may have been only 6 degrees, but I didn't need a jacket and was perfectly warm enough! Long may it last!

Off on my own to see 1917 tonight - it's on again at the local cinema just once yesterday and once today.

I forgot the quote again!! Here it is.

Quote of the day:

George Winder, 'Modern Rural Rides' - "I wish I could be sure that the people behind the attempt to prohibit fox-hunting were inspired more by love of the fox than hatred of the fox hunter."

Afterthought - Don't see '1917'! An absolutely amazing thing to make, but if anything could convince the world of the futility of war, then this it. Many very, very gruesome scenes.

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