I was trying to prepare some images today, but Windows decided to apply an upgrade.  Usually not a problem, but this one took an hour to complete! So that was a waste of my time, and to make it worse, the computer then forgot my screen profile so I had to try and recalibrate, at which point I found the physical buttons on my screen for adjusting colour, contrast, etc, were no longer working.  Then I found that Photoshop files were showing on WIndows explorer as PS logos rather than thumbnails, despite having the correct codecs installed. I spent a lot of time finding and installing alternative codecs, which still didn't work, removing them again, removing my original codec and then reinstalling.  This all took a long time, involving multiple reboots.  Eventually I got the thumbnails to show again, but I'm still unsure about the colours displayed on the screen.  When I get more time, I shall have to take the screen apart and try and get the buttons working again.

All in all, a really frustrating afternoon, so didn't get as much done as I had hoped.

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