Blips by cb

By cbimages

My Mobile

This was a present from my Valentine, a mobile of swallows, by Flensted

We were banished to our Annex this morning while the power was off in the house – a smart meter being installed.  So I was required to warm the living room of the Annex and that set off my mobiles, giving me my blip for the day.

There are many models by Flensted and they are delightfully conceived and executed.  I can recommend them.

The horizontal bar is a tie to keep the building together.  It's a former barn whose first floor was removed without proper stiffening replacing it.  As a result, when we came to have the walls insulated 5 years ago the whole roof needed re-installing (virtually) with the addition of a huge steel beam to stiffen walls and ceiling.  It blew our budget out of the water, but it's a very pleasant place to be when not in the house.

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