Anne's Daily Encounters

By dutchdelight

The Singing Nun

Today at Breda where carnaval was celebrated with the Grand Parade of charts thro town and onto the central square of the city. Such parades had been cancelled over the weekend in many cities and villages, coz of the storm that raged over the country then.
The weathergods were sympathatic for Breda as rain and winds were mild for hours when the Grand Parade was held, but from then onwards... I made a few photos from underneath my umbrella, like this one too, but really the wind was too much and I stopped.

The wind swept the litter on the streets and that sounded like tubular bells, but getting back into the streets with bars, carnaval hits were deafening.

Two extra's from the hundreds I took; 1 with the wind in the skirts and a large charriot & another from a sheltering tent with cheerful celebrators (a difficult catch as my umbrella swept fiercefully in my other hand and above my head).

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