The Day I Lost Five Hours Being Passed Around

These were to Gov.Uk , Embassy Berlin , Hotline for Brexit , Pensions , You name it , I  seem to have been the fool in a game of pass the EXPAT run by real fools who have no idea.  Basically those responsible  in Britain have not  informed the German Government to give the green light to the  various Krankenkasse  that Expats resident here and  of a certain age etc etc shall continue to have their health care covered .All the individuals were pleasant ,just not very well trained ....Two sent me emails to print and take to the Krankenkasse .Sort of like ones mum would write saying ," We give permission for Helena to go on the school trip" . The five hours finished with the Embassy asking me to write them an email of what happened .Britain really has got school note syndrome .Pathetic !
I went  to chill so lay on a bench watching seagulls at Alexanderplatz. They drifted so high in a form of Strictly Strong Wind Waltzing .The images  were not brilliant .Oh to be a gull .Then I saw this sparrow and what a song I got ....Chubby  with lovely feathers this bird made me applaud .
The extra is my view upwards from the bench ....

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