Avian Greetings & Affordable Housing

Many thanks to everyone who called by & made my Blip milestone that bit more amazing yesterday .You are all fantastic , as is Blip . What happens in 4 years is astonishing ..Blip is likewise.
Today I was greeted by the Kladow crows .As usual  the 1st to come to me is Mr Remarkable Top L .His trust is overwhelming .Together he , some others and myself went to to the water where herons were sunning themselves on the barrier around Imchen Island..Then round the bay where I sat on steps getting the best film I could of cormorants . Right now it's all systems go as they build nests. Affordable housing. The extra gives some idea of but a few trees .Quite an estate . It was sun set as I left  & from the bus spotted  over 60 greylag geese in a field so got off & had a long walk back .Hard to get crisp images diue to light but managed some (see extra ).TopR was a surprise .A small group flew in to join the party . Their strange  calls are very loud and high pitched .Two terrific days ,thanks to you blippers and to the many birds I see on a regular basis ..

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