By suehutton

Perfect Poser

Basil looks a trifle discombobulated. Perhaps it's because he didn't get taken out for a walk yesterday.

I made pancakes for breakfast, seeing as it's Shrove Tuesday, which we ate with lemon and gin and tonic sauce from M&S. They were delicious. We're going to have to have another batch of pancakes because the sauce is supposed to go off after four weeks. What a good excuse!

Basil and I drove to singing with Judy. I should have stayed at home. I felt, and still feel, exhausted. The singing was something of a disaster.

I took Judy's advice and went straight to bed on reaching home. Even as I post this later in the evening, I have to concede that I may need another 2-3 days of bed rest. As others have said to me, I've probably been overdoing things.

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