Peninsula Light

By PeninsulaLight

Grab shot of an LED bar effects light used by the Drama dept. for stage lighting. Something to attempt to repair on a quieter day. Had to cut and run so as to catch the bus, near on two miles away.

Bus was the right choice, as confirmed by the dicey icy ungritted steep downhill walk to the stop, and by speaking to G, who travels half my route to work. He came off... again, and at a spot I'd recently warned him about. Youngsters. Hope to take the bike tomorrow, for at least one day this week. Forecast for Friday looks a bit iffy.

That light bar's arrival was expected today. We, the techs from various different departments, had been at a meeting yesterday - health & safety and other topics. In the 'any other business' near the end, our Drama colleague described the difficulty trying to find out past details of sourcing several of these lights, and getting them repaired. I kept quiet, whilst pondering why I hadn't been asked. After a couple of minutes of biting my tongue, the anticipated answer was proffered from nearby, "Why not do what I always do?" at which point near the whole room joined in, "See Dave!" Much laughter, from all therein. Manager too. Was flattered and amused.

Was reminded of a tale from a Lecturer over twenty-five years ago, prior to the Internet being of much significance. He'd asked a Student, what would he/she do to find out information about some circuit or other, expecting them to say they'd go to the library and research it there. No.
  Student's reply, "I'd go see Dave."
  Lecturer, "No that 's not what you'd do. What if... (something else)."
  Again the Student's reply, "Well, I'd go see Dave."
 And also again, the Lecturer, "No that's not what you'd do."
 Student, "But that's what you do Sir!"
 The Lecturer's mouth opened, but no words came out... as he couldn't deny the truth, and was somewhat thrown, and at a loss for an answer.

Some great times, and good laughs.

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