Three faulty laptops. Exciting weekend ahead...

The top one, an Apple product of some sort, is the least likely to be easily fixed, suffering from a fault oft referred to as, "Flexgate", something I'd never heard of before this week. YouTube research suggests great difficulty and fiddly, if at all possible... without paying Apple hundreds of pounds.  I know nothing of the world of Apple Macs or indeed any Apple products, other than their alleged poor reputation for being easily or cheaply repaired.

Other two are HPs from work. One with "liquid damage" - liquid type not disclosed - and the other has a damaged USB port, which is a bit restrictive with only two such ports. Have another two HPs at work needing their input power connectors replaced - tricky, though I've succeeded with few other types in the past that would have otherwise been binned (recycle binned, that is).

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