... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

WWT London: Silly Sipper

Even more lovable in large
Emperor extras:
Macro portrait, Settling down, Nested shapes, Blink, Cloud iridescence in puddle, Adorable waddlerShaking

Went to WWT in spite of the sleet and rain; had planned a WWT pick-me-up, and waterfowl don't mind the wet... Well, the sky dried up as I drove over, and the sun even came out from time to time, so I was lucky with the timing of my visit.
I went to see the emperor geese really (with the macro lens mounted), and didn't get beyond the tundra enclosure... I photographed the emperors as they pottered about, and took a few shots of their nēnē friend (honorary emperor?), and the other tundra geese, and the pigeons and moorhens that keep them company.
The emperor geese have such contagiously cheerful and optimistic characters; they never fail to be uplifting as they nibble, chirrup, and bleat about.

Today's others are here (or right from Emperor goose via macro)

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