By TheOttawacker

Snowmageddon, Part 81c

So once again we find ourselves in the predictable position of having a heavy snow storm in Ottawa in the winter. 40 cm. Equally predictably, our several-billion-dollar light rail train system has buckled under the strain of (a) snow, (b) passengers and (c) scheduling.

On Twitter today, I likened the LRT system to Brexit (see, I can get anything to anywhere in the blink of an eye (unlike the LRT). 

Like Brexit, which removed a leading European country from a highly successful, if occasionally flawed, union of trading partners and gave it a new reality where it could neither trade, nor move freely, nor actually successfully exist.

Transexit took a leading Canadian city (okay, Ottawa) out of a functioning if occasionally flawed transit system and gave its citizens a dysfunctional overpriced mess of a rail system, incapable of functioning in the snow, that comes to a screeching halt if a passenger holds a door open, with no accompanying bus service, that prevents said citizens from moving freely around the city, getting to work on time (or at all in some cases).

It is a masterpiece of local government planning ineptitude.

Transexit is apparently also NOT the fault of the people that bought the idea, the system, the rails, the trains and the "vision". If trains don't run because (checks notes) of the snow, leaves on the track, dirt on the carriage roof, wires breaking, flawed designs, no place on the track where broken-down trains can be shunted, etc. etc... it is the fault of the person who holds open a door to let a straggler onto the train.

No accountability, no vision, no clue. I give you OCTranspo and the Ottawa political élite. 

Truly, we are led by donkeys.

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