Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK


Got our fix for downtown this week.  For a long while...! Today we met with a title company on the 27th floor of the Columbia Tower (in the extra on Monday) to sign the (many) papers needed to sell our Lake Union dock.  We haven’t had a boat there for a long time , have rented it some, but it was time, for many reasons, including our” simplify our lives” plan.   Then we met with our financial lady on the 32nd floor of a building to the north, ((also simplifying things)  before walking to the Art Museum to meet a friend who was in town today and a gab fest and a look at some art.      whew… A lot accomplished!    

Have no idea what the main blip building is going to be.(edit:  its Rainier Square ... and a selfie)  extra is one view from both of the other tall ones we were in…one view from Columbia Tower to the south with the 38 floor Smith tower (white with pointy top built in 1914....until 1931 the tallest building west of the Mississippi River)  and the view to the NW, with the Olympic mountains out.

Another downtown shotm I’m hm mo aswgmmmbawwhwwhwshgbm

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