What a Difference

a day makes!!  

Horrendous rain this morning all morning...

In other news  TB 1 - Charlie 0 in the capturing of a reluctant Charlie to take her to the vet!  I picked her up in a towel whilst she was on the windowsill and walked downstairs with her.  She really made a fuss though...and she howled the whole of the short car journey and going into the vets too!!!

Anyway, the vet thought she might have the onset of Overactive Thyroid, however there is no sign of this yet which is good news... so she's had a jab to settle her stomach hopefully, and some flea treatment.

As for me, I dropped her home and then went to visit my good friend K to return some things of hers I'd borrowed (and found in my clearing out) :)

Then home and a late lunch of carrot and butternut squash soup, same as yesterday :)

Then a wander in the garden with my camera, but not much out apart from what I've blipped before, so Charlie helped me out :)

Now although I'm feeling rather sleepy, I'd better get on and pack up the china and glass items I can do without until I've moved....

Happy Friday folks :)

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