By kwchas

Pentax K1000

This is very much in the style of my coffee shop series (see yesterday). 

On this occasion we met my nephew in Chester so I could pass on to him an old film camera and a selection of lenses. He seems keen on film photography and this Pentax K1000 has been unused in the house for around 30 years. It was originally bought by my dad in 1980 and  I used it occasionally from 1983 until the early 1990s. The battery compartment seems a bit corroded and it needs a bit of a clean but it will be interesting to see how he gets on with it.

No sooner has one camera left the house than another one arrives. My Sony 6000 has been used nearly every day for the last few years and is definitely showing signs of wear. I had been thinking of getting a new one for a while but couldn't decide whether to get the later 6500 model or a full frame Sony A7 MK II.  I have been monitoring the price of both cameras over recent weeks and when I passed London Camera Exchange I noticed they had a 2nd hand A7 body for what I thought was a bargain price. It was in excellent condition and had hardly been used (the shutter count was less than 1000) and I ended up buying it. For the time being I can use my existing lenses which is very useful.   

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