Sally Mair - Loving life

By Sallymair

Take my picture.....

So I did! She may look angry but in fact was full of smiles. I think she had the most beautiful and interesting face so I was very happy that she allowed me to take her picture, in fact she insisted! I've already used up my two pictures for the people at work challenge, or I would have entered her without a doubt.
I went to visit the grave of a very dear friend who died two years ago. Somehow the reality of the gravestone brought it home to me. When you don't see somebody for a long time, it's hard to realise that the gap is permanent rather than just the usual absence due to distance. I'm glad I went.

I passed this lady on my way back from the Cemetery. She was working with a group building a house near by. I toyed between this picture and one of another lady carrying a bag of cement on her head, see extra. What a hard life.

Lots of fun in school today, I bought jasmine flowers for the female teaching staff to put in their hair, and kirby grips too!, also pens with bible verses on them for the men and sweeties for the children... don't tell Kathryn! Just a small token to say thank you for the way they have made me so welcome. School is open tomorrow morning but not everybody will be there so I took the chance today.

I went out for dinner to Anjappar again tonight, clear chicken soup followed by kashmiri pilau and butter chicken - delicious. I'm hoping for a good night's sleep tonight as last night was one of those restless nights where you just give up on trying to get to sleep for a while in the wee small hours in the middle!

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