Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos

The deckhands

The deckhands are essential on my daily commute to the city on the river cats .  On the bigger craft they have two and on the smaller, only one.  The chap at the front is throwing out the mooring line to attach to the wharf, a skill not to be underrated as I have seen lots of misses by the less experienced.  The chap behind will once the vessel is secured then move the gangplank across for the passengers to disembark and embark.  The deckhands have to be out in all weathers.  After the busyness at the wharf they then scuttle up to the bridge and chat with the captain leaving the passengers below to themselves.  Occasionally they might have to come down and sort out a dispute.  Once a woman complained about a man playing a mouth organ.   Really he played very well and was entertaining however she had a child who she was trying to get off to sleep.  Personally I think she could have gone outside and was being a bit precious and mean but maybe she had a child with colic or something and was distraught.  You never know the full story do you.

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