By seizetheday

Fehn Calypso

In to Berwick in the afternoon on a multi-purpose trip.

First stop was the Green Shop - MrM dropped me off outside the door, and drove off to find a parking space. I was just in time to make a couple of essential purchases before they closed! MrM had parked across the Old Bridge and, on the way back to the car, we stopped on the bridge to watch a cargo ship, the Fehn Calypso, enter Tweedmouth docks (the Port of Berwick). The Pilot boat guided it up the Tweed Estuary and into the docks - the ship approached slowly to make the very tight turn in to the entrance. 

Then to the supermarket, stopping briefly on the way so MrM could drop off some sheet music for Lucy C. Food supplies replenished, we called in to the garage for diesel, and went into the centre of Berwick for a meal.

Finally, the main purpose of the trip, we headed for the Maltings to watch 1917, with time for a drink in the bar before the film started. A cinematic achievement and some superb acting, but some glaring inconsistencies too... 

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