THIS way up?

Part for my record(s) and part "Affinity"© Learning curve.
Just a wee bit past its best - but - the last flower finally opened and it's taken me a day or three to learn verious aspects of Affinity prior to publishing.
There is no doubt it's a Zygopetalum - I found the correct label "lurking" hard by; but no clue as to variety.
Looking at my plant you'd be hard pressed to tell which, if any of the three flowers was right way up.
After studying a page full of examples I can now state, categorically, that the added, fourth, flower (Top left) is the right way around.
Having stuck my hooter right up to one of them I can guarantee there is a not too stong but quite beautiful scent.
There's a Dendrobium threatening; I might have four different Orchids in flower.  Another first.
Just checked - it's almost perfectly on time by  last year's showing.
Also, by some weird coincidence, (At least at this end) flowers are very near to actual size.

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