11 Years Of Blipping

Yes, you wait ages for a red balloon and 2 come along together! I'm sorry there were a few of you I didn't get round to thanking for comments on my 4,000th a fortnight ago.

So, here I am again! I began on 7/4/09 but, as you know, those archival blips and leap years add days on. However, since that first day I've picked up the camera (a great number of them by now) and posted a blip every day. It has literally changed my life. I now love to share this joy with everyone in socialising and through our photography business.

I'd like to mention here, the great value of Blipmeets. I know some of you haven't been on one yet. They are a great way of having fun with like-minded people. I have frequent cups of coffee, meals in Keswick and Lakeland wanders with other blippers. Chatting to fellow blippers is uplifting and inspirational.

The blipper we met up with last Sunday even reminded me, from over 100 miles away, to take my wellies out with me this morning! Thank you, Kaybee, I had to stand in  4" of water for my blip! 

Three weeks ago we had an ill-fated blipmeet in Shropshire, we couldn't have predicted Storm Ciara, but we had a great time with a well known blipper and I came away with some inspiration to push myself a bit out of my comfort zone and organise some things.

Looking forward to meeting more of you soon at The UK Birmingham Photography Show!

Anyhow, I returned to a scene today that was one taken in my first year of blipping, and has remained a favourite. But that's enough from me.

Upcoming Blipmeets:
Blipmeet at the Photography Show? 14th - 17th March, Birmingham

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