Desperately seeking

By clickychick


Happy St. David's Day,! Happy March!

Thank you for all your wonderful comments, stars and hearts as I celebrated 12 years of blipping yesterday. I haven't got around everyone's journals yet.

If I'd still had the shops I would have been stripping all the amethyst jewellery out of the windows and replacing it with a smaller number of aquamarine pieces as this is the birthstone for March. Aqua marinus: water of the sea. 

Instead, today, I was back at the studio starting on the job of photographing some of my pieces in order to put them on eBay. Naturally, I started with some aquamarine pieces.

When I had finished for the day I could resist combining an aquamarine pendant with and aquamarine, hematite and gold necklet, just for a blip that would remind me of the day!

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